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Digital Poke brings you 360 Web Browser with more features to offer than any other browsers out there with a refreshing, non-monotonous interface.
360 Web Browser - Proving Crazy Concepts Work!

Mobile Browsing Redefined

It's simply about more features, that can be accessed faster than any other Mobile Browser without compromising on the looks. With 360 Browser beauty is not only skin deep but also shows. The unique user interface adapted by 360 will keep you wanting for more. It's simply mesmerising.

Why Leave Flash Behind?

WIth the help of Clip Converter Plugin one can view some of the flash videos hosted on websites. * - Clip Converter currently supports: YouTube, Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, MyVideo, Veoh. Head to plugins to know more about how to Convert Videos from their Servers and watch them.

The Sync is In!

Sync 360 with your favorite desktop browser! Your Tabs, Bookmarks and History from Firefox can now be synced to your favorite mobile browser with just one click! No other Browser supports this feature.

Downloads? You got it.

You can now download absolutely anything with the New 360 Browser and view all supported content within the app. That's not all! You can also transfer files from your desktop to your iPhone and vice versa.

Multiple downloads are supported with the option to queue if necessary. You can also edit your file name and location with ease.

It's Powerful and Fast!

Offering features like Quicklist, 360 Arc and a mindblowing Powerful Cache among othe features offered by desktop browsers 360 excels in both power and speed.

Intelligence is the key

With the help of Prodigy Engine the browser can perform tasks which the older generation browsers failed to do. Tabs are now smart along with drop downs and much more.

More in Less

Gone are the days of going to a different screen just to activate to deactivate an option. Most of the options are tab specific and available on the same screen. Using a browser has never been so easy and practical. This is the true 360 Experience.

Plugins for that Extra Boost

With the advent of plugins anything and everything is possible. Overclock the browser and fine tune it with plugins as per your preference.

Plugins are disabled atm.
Unique Features
360 Arc™ and 360 FS (Full Screen) Arc™
- Arcs built on Prodigy Engine enables the users to access variety of functions with just a "tap and drag gesture" based on the user's preference.
- Access 10 features ranging from adding bookmarks, setting homepage, entering/exiting full screen, etc from 360 Arc™.
- Access 17 features ranging from navigating tabs, opening bookmarks / plug-ins, customizing the full screen look, etc from 360 FS Arc™.
Quick Access List
- Quick Access List is displayed on the About:Blank [based on the user's choice] page of the browser and can maintain 5/10 favs/thumbs of user visited, bookmarked and most famous list.
Fully Custom Made Themes / Tab Themes
- Themes are what they are and not just change of colors. Use them to describe your persona.
- Themes are Custom and will change the entire look of the app including the images, font colors and the tabs style. There are 2 Free and 4 Premium themes to choose your persona from.
Intelligent Tabbing
- No need to scroll through the end to add tabs, add them whenever you wish to. Tabs open right next to the selected tab and not at the end.
- You can individually set tab's privacy mode and browser orientation in addition to having default preferences for all of them.
- Double tapping the tab opens various options such as bookmark all tabs, reloading all tabs, closing all tabs, etc.
Offline Mode
- Supports in-app offline mode.
Address Bar Commands
- Useful commands such as Lock, Offline, Online, Themes, Settings, etc save you the trouble of going out of full screen. Also Access this feature from extended keyboard.
Remember Passwords
- Remember your passwords and save them inside the app, they are your passwords and they should be stored with you and not on some third party servers. Enjoy your privacy.
- Experience Tabs that can make out the difference between a tap and a flick making your browsing smooth and hassle free. 360 Browser supports unlimited tabs. Long tap a link or image to access their extended features/open them in a new tab.
- Tabs are loaded/rendered parallelly.
Full Screen Mode
- Experience True Full Screen, Access every feature of your browser without ever going out of full screen, with the revolutionary 360 Arcs™ and Address Bar Commands.
- Customize your Full Screen in whichever way you want.
- 360 Browser gives you the ability to add and manage the plug-ins according to your needs.
- Create/Rename/Move bookmarks as you want them to be. Bookmarks Finder provides a quick, efficient and fast way for you to navigate and jump between the bookmark folders.
Long Tap to Reveal More
- Themes, History and Bookmarks supports Long Tap to reveal additional features of them such as previewing a theme, deleting a particular URL or opening all bookmarked tabs of that folder.
Various Other Features
Experience Various other features of the app, some of which are:

- Setting a Password lock by just address bar commands,
- Start your browser with your last session/last loaded tab/homepage/about blank,
- Ad Block,
- Rotation Lock/Unlock on two fingers down/up swipe,
- Full Screen at start up,
- Disable Images/Javascripts to save bandwidth,
- Custom Cache for faster Access,
- Clearing Cache/Cookies/Saved Passwords,
- Search Assist and more...